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East Coast Automatic Doors


Automatic Swing Door Operators

Our range of fully automatic swing door operators are suitable for a wide variety of different and individual situations, including residential, commercial and industrial buildings, office blocks, retail environments and medical centres and incorporate smooth and safe door opening.

Comfortable in daily use and safe in emergency situations along with reliable technology and maximum safety during the opening and closing of the door means a peace of mind solution for all occasions.

automatic swing doors

Automatic Swing Doors

Comfortable and powerful, the automation makes the operation of the manual door easier for disabled persons or premises with heavy traffic and limited space.

Automatic swing doors have a wide range of functions that allow them to be adapted to suit any type of requirement, including fully automatic, push and go, push pads and access control.




Automating Existing Doors

Our activation mechanisms for swing doors are ideal either for new installations or for converting your existing doors.

Light or heavyweight doors and also fireproof doors; all of them can be automated without any problem.