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East Coast Automatic Doors

Automatic High Speed Doors

Automatic High Speed Doors

What is a high speed door?

A high speed door is a flexible and light-weight door, designed for intensive industrial use, which, thanks to the speed of operation, minimises air currents and ambient temperature losses and helps to make traffic flows more efficient.

The improvements to working conditions and savings in energy expenditure help to make these doors an investment which soon pays for itself.

High speed doors can be divided into two main groups: those with an industrial fabric folding system (Instant-Pass) and those made of roll-up canvas (Instant- Roll & Mir-Flex). The Mir-Flex door is very similar to the Instant Roll and aimed specifically at The Food Industry, with no disturbance to operation in extremely wet conditions and can be cleaned down with pressurised water.

automatic high speed instant pass doors

Instant Pass

The fast fold-up doors are efficient in all kinds of weather and are epecially suitable for outside access.

The outside frame is a self-bearing chassis made of galvanized steel sheet formed by two transoms and reinforced at the inside, which act as guides and supporting base (the corners that rub the canvas are protected with an special outline made of extrusioned aluminum and round shaped) and an upper platform with a drawer shape where the elevation mechanism is located.

In the inner part of the platform there is a galvanized steel shaft with bearings, assembled upon brackets, where the driving belts are rolled up. The brackets are also used to support the adjustment bolts at the curtain height.

This is a self-bearing structure and does not need important fixings on the building, just simple supporting clamps.


The design allows it to adapt to most doorways. Maximum surface: 80 m2 with a maximum width or height of 16000 mm. Ask our technical department if it is over 80 m2.

High speed automatic instant roll doors

Instant Roll

The aluminum rolling up shaft is located inside the platform and assembled upon bearing supports. The curtain is rolled up on the shaft. It is a self-bearing structure and does not need significant fixings on the building but just simple supporting squares.

The outside frame is a self-bearing chassis made of galvanized steel sheet, formed by two transoms, that work as guides and supporting base (the corners that rub the leaf are protected by industrial brushes that reduce the rubbing and increase water/air tightness). There is an upper crossbeam with a drawer shape.

automatic-high speed Mirflex doors

Mir Flex

The Mir Flex door is ideal for the food industry as it is easy to clean with pressurized water. It is available in 304 or 316 stainless steel, manufactured components with IP57 for wet environments. It has high durability and reliability in demanding conditions.

Thanks to the curtain flexible reinforcements system, guides come out when they receive a strong impact and return on track when the door goes up . This will save on repair costs and Mir Flex Auto Tracking becomes the ideal door for separation between different production areas or storage door.

Designed for small-sized profiles, it takes up very little space from the passage and needs reduced space for the lateral legs and the lintel.